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Achieve More With Complete IRS Representation From The Ellis Group, LLC

At the Ellis Group, LLC we understand the challenges small business owners face on a daily basis. And complying with the Internal Revenue Service shouldn’t be one of them. We offer complete IRS representation for your small business, and we’ll get to know you personally to eliminate any apprehension or confusion about the IRS and State Tax regulations.

Make the best decision you can for your business by taking advantage of our IRS tax services. You’ll save time in the long run, so you can focus on achieving better results.

Save Time, Gain Money

A Federal Tax Lien can be a disaster for any small business. Tax authorities can aggressively freeze your bank accounts and add large penalties and interest each day your tax is not paid. Don’t let a Federal Tax Lien spiral out of control and affect the personal assets outside of your business — eliminate your risk by working with a team that has genuine experience representing small businesses.

The Ellis Group, LLC can maintain your assets, reduce penalties, negotiate or settle your claims, and more. No matter what situation you face, we’ll personally get to know you and develop solutions and plans that best meet your needs. As a small business, we know how pressed for time you are and how detrimental a Federal Tax Lien could be to your company.

Call us today to learn more about how our IRS representation can help your business save time and gain money!

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